The 3 Most Important Things for Motivation: 2


The Right Whats

 If you haven't already please read Part:1 of this series to give you some context. In it we looked at how the whys of getting fit and healthy are a massive driver of motivation. Here in Part 2 we'll look at "whats". Whats are the ideas we have about what we want to achieve, choosing the right ones, as you'll see, is very, very important in your long term success.

Choosing the right goals is vital to long term success. Choosing the wrong goal is often a path to misery and failure.  First off, we need to get honest with ourselves and get down to the nitty gritty of what we actually want. Does the number on the scales really matter? Do the numbers or letters on the labels of your clothes really matter that much? We’re going to tease out a few issues here.

Firstly we’ll have a look at the two most common generic goals people have; “getting fit” and “losing weight”. Some people equate the two but we’ll define them before moving on so we’re on the same page. For most people “getting fit” revolves around being able to run more or do more endurance based activity like a triathlon or (god love them) a marathon. For most people “losing weight” is just about seeing a lower number on a scales. Simple.

The thing is, neither of these things address what people really want. Let’s look at them individually.

If I were to tell you that I could perform a magic voodoo ritual tonight (for a small fee of course), you’d wake up in the morning and be the fittest person on the planet, able to win any marathon hands down would you take the deal? Well, most people would. Now, say I was to tell you that while you’re still the fittest on the planet you are in fact 20kg heavier than you were before… and it’s all fat. You hardly recognize yourself in the mirror. Would you still take the deal? Of course not. This scenario should make you question whether it’s fitness you really want.

Now, if I were to tell you that I have a different ritual I can perform to make you lose 10kg overnight, no work needed, would you take it? Most people that want to lose weight would take it, hand n’all. The only caveat is, in the morning despite weighing less you’ll look as if you’ve actually gained 10kg of fat. The scale says one thing but your mirror says another. This scenario should make you question whether it’s that number on the scale that’s important to you.

So what is it that most people want? There are four simple little words that cover 90% of people’s whats:

To look better naked.

I know the other 10% will be saying “but I want to be healthier/improve my bloods/run faster/ jump higher”. And my answer is this; do you think that by getting a leaner, more toned body you won’t get healthier/improve your blood work or run faster or jump higher? Of course you will. Look at Olympians, apart from some outliers like shot putters or marathoners they are all lean, mean performance machines. Guaranteed they have impeccable blood work too.

Coming up in Part 3, Small Hows, the key to getting the Right Whats and keeping them.