About me

Well! How are you? So you want to know more about Paul Keely Personal Training? 

Deadly, that means you're from Navan or near by and interested (if only mildly) in what I've got to say. Jump over and grab a copy of my free eBook, you'll get to know me even better by reading that and getting the gist of what I'm about.  

But seen as you're still here and reading I can tell you a bit about myself.I'm Paul and I'm a lot of things besides being a personal trainer. 

First and foremost I'm Heidi's dad and Sandra's man. I know you don't want my life story but I just want to let you know I'm normal. The most important thing to me is my daughter and her Mam. Hence the pictures.

I'm not a fitness model, I don't only eat chicken fillets, broccoli and protein bars. I don't post topless pictures of myself. I'm just a normal (debatable) Navan lad that happens to be a personal trainer and good at getting people in better shape.

I have a very simple philosophy on training and eating well. You see, most of the fitness shitehawks out there will try blow smoke up your arse about new fangled gadgets, tricks or gimmicks to get you to part with your hard earned money. That's not my style. 

I'd much rather spend the time to get to know you and your real goals (often not what you think), devise a plan of action and execute it. Often times people lose sight of what's important when it comes to achieving your goals:


I often see the best intentions go up in smoke because people jump the gun, sprint headlong into a huge change and end up falling flat on their face. It's the go hard or go home mentality, the I want it all yesterday buzz. It's the reason people have been on every diet going, done every type of exercise there is, but still can't get to where they want to be.

That's where I step in.

I used to be in the same boat. Endless cycles of weight gain and loss. Struggle and hardship, shame and frustration. It's horrific.

But I've found a better way. A way of finding daily habits that once in place require little effort to keep but in the long run amount to huge and I mean HUGE changes.

If you're struggling at the minute, if you're in that place working hard but not getting far, if you're frustrated and sick of the endless mixed messages and bullshit in the mainstream media. Come see me. We'll have the craic and get you motoring.

Kind Regards